Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin' right here, all right. We got 4:11 Positrac outback, 750 double pumper, Edelbrock intake, bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, turbo-jet 390 horsepower. We're talkin' some fuckin' muscle. » 10/30/14 2:43pm Yesterday 2:43pm

NASCAR mandates the fuel cell size anyway, so any driver on probation has to use a fuel cell X amount smaller than the rest, that will add an extra pit stop to a driver on probation. That would make them think about it before they do it. » 10/26/14 6:39pm Sunday 6:39pm

Riding in the back seat of a Plymouth Sundance 2 door, the front seat passenger had big 'ol chaw of Kodiak, but there was no bottle for him to spit into, he decided to spit out the window on the interstate, it all came into the back seat and it me in the face. » 10/24/14 11:43am 10/24/14 11:43am